What is Web Hosting, and Where is my site?

Your website is accessed worldwide by using your domain name, or  ‘mybusiness.com’.

This domain name is an address that is listed in an Internet-Wide set of tables that every hosting company and Internet Service Provider (Comcast, AT&T, etc) has called DNS tables.

When someone types your domain name in a browser, the HTTP protocol searches the DNS tables, looks up your domain name and then points to the HOST where your site files are, and loads the HOME PAGE.

All This Happens In The Blink Of An Eye…HOPEFULLY!

These computers are called ‘Hosts’ and connected to the physical computers that contain the code we develop that displays your website. There are several types of hosting plans and prices depending on your business needs and it’s important that you consider several critical things when choosing a hosting company.

Many hosting companies pack way too many sites on one server to maximize their profit BUT…if there’s just one site on that server that is hogging up all the resources, then all the sites on that server slow down.  YOU DON’T WANT IT TO BE YOURS!

Whether your website is an information site, an e-commerce site with databases, or a site with product catalogs and automated credit card processing, we have hosting plans that match your needs.


Most websites can be hosted on a ‘Shared-Server’ which means your site resides on a computer along with other websites. This is the least expensive route and can adequately support the traffic that an informational site demands.

We provide several hosting options to fit your budget.



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