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Search Engine Optimization is one the most important parts in the process of building an Internet Marketing Strategy. It contains all the important components needed for your website to be found by obtaining top organic search engine rankings.

We will analyze your website and let you know what improvements and changes need to be made to get better search engine ranking. We have been providing proven and effective search engine optimization strategies for our clients since 2000.

Successful Search Engine Optmization (SEO) incorporates the following:

Step 1: Keyword Analysis

Bbased on the services and products offer, we conduct a search analysis to establish the most common phrases used by potential customers to find your services and products on search engines.

Step 2: Page Optimization

This is when we talk our language and we love it! We take the results of the keyword analysis and incorporate them into your webpages, optimizing the Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Title Tags, Alt Tags and the internal linking structure of your website to assist search engines in indexing your content correctly. We also ensure that your web pages are W3C compliant and fix any coding errors that may have crept in. In addition, we also make modifications to improve page speed as this also has a small impact on your ranking.

Step 3: Link Building

Once your site is optimized we need to get the word out. We do this by distributing links to your website on many social, directories and other relevant websites. The number of incoming links dramatically effects your search engine ranking so this is the start of an on-going process.

Step 4: URL Optimization

It’s very important to make sure URLs (web addresses) have the correct description for each page, ideally utilizing the key phrase. i.e. a page about search engine optimization would have a URL such as:

Step 5: XML sitemap

Need to be created to let the major search engine know about every web page in your website.

Step 6: Build an effective Blog

Adding a blog to your website is probably one of the best strategies you can take towards great search engine ranking. Content is king online, and a blog will allow you to be found for a wider variety of key phrases in your industry. It will also establish you as an expert in your chosen field. A well written, frequently updated blog attracts incoming links naturally and these links really help your ranking.

Step 7: Manage and Measure Results

We set up and install Google Analytics to properly track the traffic and conversions through your website. We work with you on a regular basis so we can get your input for a continuous cycle of improvement to make your website deliver better results.

Search Engine Optimization is “the fuel of your website”.

In order to get where you want to be, ACTION is required!!

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