Here’s the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

You can search across the web and still not find out what it takes to choose the best website design and development firm in your area, and for the budget you have in mind. Here’s just a few of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis…

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Can you take my existing website and upgrade it?

Certainly. We can give your site a face-lift and some pizazz! It is important to keep your site looking fresh to keep the interest of your repeat visitors.

Can I maintain my site text and pictures on my own?

Yes. All our sites come with our Site Administration Utility which is an easy-to-use area that’s password protected.

Can you add the Site Administration Utility to my existing site?

If your site is hosted on a Linux server that supports PHP/MySQL, then yes we can. If not, then we can transfer your site to one of our preferred hosting partners and make it happen.

Can I add modules on at any time?

Yes, once we have setup your site, you can call us to add a feature module. See our Pricing page for more details..

Will you train me or my staff on how to use the Site Administration Utility?

Yes, it’s free of charge and part of our Customer Service Plan and included in each quote we send you…

Why can't my site fit the whole screen ?

For two reasons…the first is that there are a significant number of computer users who have their monitor size set to 800 x 600 and if the site width is set too wide, the will have to scroll left AND right in addition to up and down. Second, when printing a site page, if the site is too wide, the right-hand portion to be chopped-off. Sites can be designed wider than 800 pixels but there may be additional programming required to stretch the site to fit the entire screen area and also a PRINT THIS PAGE link needs to be on every page.

Why do I still see the old flash files on some sites?

When you view a website, most of the text, images, and flash files are downloaded to your local computer into a CACHE file so that the next time yo go back to the site, it loads faster. Unfortunately, when files are updated, you sometimes still see the old version. You need to CLEAR OUT YOUR CACHE.

For Internet Explorer, go to: Tools/Internet Options. Then click on Delte Files button in the center of that box.  You should do this at least once a month and if you haven’t cleared it in a while it may run for a few minutes.

Then revisit the site and refresh [F5] …you should see the new files.

On other browsers, there are links at the top that will guide you to clearing out your cache.

Will my site work on a Mac ?

Yes, we test all our sites to make sure they run on a PC as well as a MAC.

I am using a browser other than IE. Can my site be viewed on other broswers?

Yes, we ensure cross-browser compatibility on IE, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari.

gold coast web design | Boca Raton
gold coast web design | Boca Raton