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Add features at any time so your site grows as you grow !


Our Core Website Package provides a high-end on-line presence with professional images, graphics, and homepage animation….

…you also get our Site Control Panel, a password-protected area where you can maintain all your site text and images.

…your new site will have up to 15 pages of your important company information

…a ‘Contact Us’ form and Email links.



FAQS Module

FAQ Module         $50 

faqsManages your most frequently asked questions. Organizes the FAQs with an FAQ Index at the top of the page and the Answers below.

Links and Resources Module

 Links and Resources Module:        $50 
linksManages links to your partners, trade groups and associations, and other sites you want your visitors to be able to visit. You can also insert a logo image for the site links. Each link, when clicked, appears in a new window so your visitors never leave your site.

Photo Gallery Module

Photo Galleries Module:        $150  

photogalleryWhat a better way to bring your visitors into your company than by giving them a photo-tour of your operations. This module can also act as a product or service showcase and the images are organized into categories so you can create an unlimited number of galleries. Images are uploaded and automatically resized into thumbnails and enlargements for easy viewing.

Simple Event Calendar Module

Event Calendar Module:        $150  

full_calendarIf your business has events that your visitors would be interested in, this is a great module for you. List the date, time, location and other details about your upcoming events and list them on your site in an area that your visitors can refer back to. NEED MULTIPLE CALENDARS? ADD $50 FOR EACH

Google Analytics Setup

 Google Analytics Setup:        $250
googleTrack your site visitors, their click-thru activity, and how they found you.  Watch your Search Engine Rankings take off!

Testimonials Module

Testimonials Module:        $50 

services Company ModudleManages your valued client testimonials. Allows you to enter the client who submitted the testimonial and their comments. you can also manage the order they appear in.

News and Press Module

News and Press Module:        $50  

newsManages recent News Articles from your industry as well as your company news and press releases. Includes date/time fields for sorting and a short description, and provides an Article Index with a link to the News Article Details and PDFs.

Company Staff Module

Company Staff Module:        $100  

staffPersonalize your site with a page that shows your visitors the faces behind the names, their contact information, email address and bios. Also includes the ability for you to insert staff photos. The images are automatically resized to keep your site page looking clean and consistent.

Join Our Mailing List Module

Join Our Mailing List Module:        $150  

mailingAllows you to continue to communicate with your visitors thru follow-up emails, special offers, information updates, and more. This module integrates with iContact, ConstantContact, MailChimp or any other 3rd party email delivery service.  

Document Library Module

Document Library Module:        $150 
documentsGive your visitors the ability to view and download your important documents, whitepapers, spec sheets, and more. This module allows you to upload your PDFs and other documents along with a document title and description and displays the Document Library by title for easy viewing.


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Simple Product Catalog Module

Simple Product Catalog Module:         $500 

products_simpleOrganize and display your products and display them for easy viewing with image thumbnails and enlargements along with your important product information. Works with the Shopping Cart Module to deliver a simple, clean product ordering system. Manage your meta-tags for your Product Catalog pages and include product-specific keywords.

Shopping Cart Setup

Shopping Cart Setup:         $250 

WooCommerce Marketing 360® is a powerful marketing platform built to integrate with WooCommerce and increase product visibility and drive more sales.


FULL-FEATURED Product Catalog

FULL-FEATURED Product Catalog:         $800 

productsOrganize and display your products or services and display them for easy viewing with image thumbnails and enlargements along with your important product information.

This module allows an unlimited number of product or service categories and can also accomodate subcategories. Works with the Shopping Cart Module to deliver a simple, clean product ordering tool. Manage your meta-tags for your Product Catalog pages and include product-specific keywords.


Check-out Integration

Cart Chekout Integration:         $350

banner20You don’t need custom programming to setup and allow your clients to purchase your products online.

We have a one-stop, simple solution for ecommerce processing. As are an authorized affiliate for, we integrate their ordering and checkout features into your site. For more information or to to setup your account, »CLICK HERE….

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